Roberta Drive, Woodside, CA

Roberta Drive,
Woodside, CA


New 9,000 ft2 2-story main house with a fully finished basement level, guesthouse, study/wine cellar, and barn


We were tasked with creating a multi-story, modern yet rustic home within tight site parameters. For the design, the home needed to retain the farmhouse style typical to the area while incorporating clean, warm, modern touches. Given the nature of the site — nestled into a hillside and framed by two large oaks — we also sought to create a variety of outdoor living spaces that rooted the house in its environment.


Following an extensive review, we landed on a design that followed the natural topography of the site. Viewed from the front, the house looks like a partial 2-story home. From the back, it reveals a larger, multi-story home with a walk-out basement leading to a pool terrace. The existing slope allowed for a series of these outdoor terraces that offer a cascade of spectacular views. Finally, we incorporated stained vertical board siding, stone, and a standing seam metal roof to give the home a rustic charm.