Nevada Residence, Palo Alto, CA

Nevada Residence,
Palo Alto, CA


New 3,400 ft2 1-story home with basement


Our task was to create maximum living space while maintaining a size and scale in keeping with the home's understated surroundings. Stylistically, our aim was a modern farmhouse that captured the charm of nearby cottages. Other considerations included a better connection to the outdoors, a layout built for entertaining, creating a light and airy basement, and working around a large 100-year-old oak tree.


An open floor plan allowed for maximum living space, visually connected the front of the house to the back, and created an organic progression of entertaining spaces. Meanwhile, bedrooms tucked away from these areas allowed for privacy. Other features included a front terrace, a private side patio, and a backyard dining area with fire pit. The home’s orientation allowed for daylight to flood all main spaces as well as the basement. And both the back yard and basement perimeter were designed to retain and highlight the gorgeous old oak tree.