Manzanita Residence, Woodside, CA

Manzanita Residence,
Woodside, CA


New 6,000 ft2 1-story home


We were asked to design a new home estate that took full advantage of the allowable building area in the face of strict zoning parameters. Meanwhile, the design needed to align with the client’s vision of a modern-day rustic Italian farmhouse. Other considerations included crafting an outdoor living space that was protected from traffic noise.


We first led the project through an extensive public review and hearing process. Once completed, we designed the house with elongated wings to create a courtyard tailored to outdoor living. This also allowed us to take advantage of site’s natural beauty, including old-growth redwoods and expansive views of nearby hills. To imbue the house with rustic charm, we utilized a clay tile roof, stone and integral color veneer siding, Italian wood windows and doors.