Embarcadero Residence, Palo Alto, CA

Embarcadero Residence,
Palo Alto, CA


New 2,200 ft2 1-story home


This project required maximizing space within tight zoning limitations as well as expediting the approval process. Stylistically, we wanted a balance between edgy and traditionally charming. Other considerations included connections to the outdoors and creating a variety of spaces within a constrained area. Finally, we were charged with designing and overseeing the fabrication of custom furniture, arranging interior elements, and working closely with the client to bring their interior design vision to life.


We employed an open floor plan to build connections between the interior and the outdoors. Meanwhile, we designed the interior to keep private and public wings separate. We also designed a yard that wrapped around from side to back to create as much usable outdoor space as possible. Our material choices — corrugated metal roof, white painted board and batten siding contrasted with black windows/doors, and a statement marigold entry door — gave the home a strong yet controlled presence. Finally, we crafted furniture and interior elements versatile enough to accommodate everything from family movie nights to children's slumber parties, family dinners, outdoor entertaining, and beyond.